Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So how many people have heard of the website  I hadn't until yesterday.  At a first glance it looked pretty cool, but after playing around with it a bit I find that I really like it.  Pretty much what you do is upload music to your queue and then enter a room.  You can either listen to songs that other users are playing, or if there's an open spot you can even DJ.  Songs start with the DJ on the left and move on down the line, playing the first song in the user's queue.

The epic awesomeness of your experience completely depends upon the other users in the room.  If the DJ's aren't playing music you like, then it's not so much fun.  But there are plenty of stations to choose from, so if you're not feeling it in one room, then check out another.  Rooms also have descriptions of what kind of music is played in that room as well as music that may not be allowed in the room.  Room moderators are the users that create the room, so they set the rules of what jives and what doesn't and they also have the ability to boot other users from their room.

If you're not finding a room that you like, go ahead and make your own room, although if you're the only DJ in the room, you will only hear a preview of the songs you play.  So it's sometimes more fun just to find a room with DJ's already playing.

If you're a music lover like me, this might be a site worth checking out.  I've heard a lot of songs that I didn't know and even found a couple of new favorites.  It is still in the Beta phase though, so the only way that you can sign up for an account is if you have a friend on facebook with an account and sign up that way.  So if you'd like to check it out and are already my friend on facebook, cool, you're in!  If you're not my friend, check the link in the sidebar and become my friend.  Because I love new friends.

Also, if you ever want to come party in Jess the Geek Girl's room, just click the link below.  :D
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jess the Geek Girl

Some of you who have just navigated your way to this blog may be wondering just who is Jess the Geek Girl?  I am a co-host of a little radio show called Residual Haunting Revived which can be heard every Monday night at 8:00 MST on Paraquest Radio Network.  I wanted to create this blog for not only listeners of the show, but to share my adventures with anyone who wants to experience them with me.

As you can probably tell, I am a geek and quite proud of that fact.  I love sci-fi and fantasty and love gaming, be it board games, video games or role-playing games.  Each week on RHR I review an old sci-fi movie.  To read my full reviews of these movies, head over to my Jess the Geek Girl Movie Reviews blog.  Also, coming soon I am going to start doing game reviews, which can be found on Youtube with a more detailed review on the Jess the Geek Girl Game Review blog.

I love animals and currently my husband have two dogs, Kash a st. bernard/labrador and Rowdy a border collie, and one cat named Jinx.  My parents own about nine horses, so you could probably guess that I love horse riding.  I love the outdoors and enjoy going hunting and camping.

I have a wide range of hobbies that go from reading and writing to playing guitar and singing.  I also love to make my own movies, even if they're not great.  I'm also a paranormal investigator for Wasatch Paranormal Investigators and have been studying and investigating the paranormal for about eight years.

I'm a very fun loving person who just loves to enjoy life.  I have a lot of adventures and really hope you enjoy sharing them with me.